Random kid, random gig: Alik and Lilian go to Júníus Meyvant


Lilian Alten and Alik Schier

Walking into Songbyrd, a charming music house and cafe in Adams Morgan, is like entering a hidden world underneath the historic neighborhood. As we arrived at the venue and pushed our way through a heavy set of curtains, we had no idea what to expect from artist Júníus Meyvant.

Once inside, the venue is like a big basement with a small stage directly to the left of the entrance. The furnishing is left to a minimum, which maximizes the smaller-sized venue and provides a more intimate feel than regular concert venues. With a string-light ceiling and lights from the bar in the back and the stage, the basement stays dark, setting the mood. We were definitely the youngest ones at what seemed to be more of a college or grad-student scene. A good amount of people showed up, and towards the front we got kind of squished, but nothing close to a mosh pit.

Júníus Meyvant hit the hammer on the nail for us with music that is uplifting and calming to listen to. Standing tall with long red hair, accordant and with a hint of dry-humor, he holds an engaging yet quiet stage presence. Described as alternative indie, Meyvant’s take on folk adds a soulful feel to a classic style. His voice was often overshadowed by the accompaniment of guitarists, horns and synths, a large contrast to the opening act, Devon Gilfillian.

Gilfillian was equal parts humorous and talented, but had a larger stage presence than Meyvant, making him more entertaining to watch. Since both artists had a more laid back feel, there was minimal dancing, except for two ladies in front of us who were really feeling it. Júníus fits right into the indie genre, with a much slower vibe perfect for a Monday night concert.

It was a great to change up our routine and get to know such a unique spot. Songbryd is the perfect place to catch an up-incoming artist perform on a small stage, or a last minute idea. Whatever your music taste, you can be sure that someone who shares your passion will be performing in the near future.