Astrology Rulez

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Sarah Morgan

Astrology determines your entire life. Everything your horoscope says is accurate, and we shouldn’t ever associate with people we aren’t astrologically compatible with.

Just kidding. I get that astrology is a pseudo-science, but I also think that there’s no harm in a little mystical fun. Not many people understand that astrology can be just that—fun. It means different things to different people, and not everyone who enjoys it takes it super seriously.

I have learned that during hard times it can be comforting to draw parallels between the people in your life and their star signs, or to do some reflection based on your own natal chart. The whole process is a lot more complex than the day you were born, and it can be grounding to understand that there’s some kind of cosmic order, especially if you’re not particularly religious.

It’s an old practice with many nuances and interpretations you can take, and it’s pretty easy to get all your basics covered in a short amount of time. There are 12 signs (if you’re a traditionalist like me), and they each have different characteristics that make them special, as well as some traits that help them connect to each other well. You could take a look around you and may find that the people you associate the most have signs compatible with yours.

Geminis are supposed to be communicative and intellectual-but we are also described as multi-faceted. I relate to this, and weirdly enough most of my friends align with my natal chart-Aries and Aquarians surround me.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Live a little, look up your sun and moon signs, follow ten astrology meme accounts, and dig into a piece of yourself you might be able to connect with.