Wilson Trendsetters: Gothic Style

Madison VanEyken


What inspired your style? 

My fashion is inspired by the music I listen to. I mostly listen to grunge, punk, and metal music, which definitely can be seen in what I wear. I also get inspired by different people from older decades who I admire. Some of my inspirations include Courtney Love, Kat Bjelland, and Kathleen Hanna. I also get inspired by many males who I admire, such as Robert Smith and Peter Murphy. 

What are your Favorite places to shop? 

I mainly shop at thrift stores and online shopping sites like Depop. I love Depop because you can find really unique vintage items for reasonable prices. 

What motivates your looks?

I get a lot of motivation from music as well as film, TV, and books. If my motivation comes from a movie character I’ll draw inspiration from their style. One example is Nancy from the 90’s movie “The Craft.”



What inspired your style?

I think a lot of things inspire the way I dress like how I feel that morning. I’m very expressive in what I wear, it’s just how I feel that day. Simple looks are normally in days I wake up late though, when I have time I can actually plan a good outfit. 

What are your favorite places to shop? 

Thrifting or just clothes past down from family. I think that secondhand clothing is the future, it’s better for the world. 

What motivates your looks? 

I look up to a lot of old fashion styles, like what my mom wore in the 80s and sometimes go for a grunge or goth 90s look. I like colors and layering clothing.



What inspires your style? 

Artists like Rico Nasty and Asian Da Brat (previously known as Asian Doll) inspired my style the most. They shop at the store Dolls Kill, and I loved their outfits and decided to start buying stuff.

What are your favorite places to shop? 

Topshop, Target, and Dolls Kill.

What motivates your style?

My motivation is the music I listen to, like Nicki Minaj, and also some influencers on Youtube.