Seniors emerge victorious in stricter PowderPuff game

Baraka Aboul-Magd

In a too-close-for-comfort match-up, the seniors ultimately prevailed 6-0 against the juniors in the annual PowderPuff game. Despite a wristband restriction that frustrated cheerleaders, school spirit remained high and many upperclassmen sported pink and cheered on the girls. 

The game was bound to be competitive; the juniors had a wealth of talented athletes who had experience in flag football, field hockey, soccer and lacrosse, while the seniors had the experience of playing in the game last year.

Only those who were on a designated list, marked by wearing a colored wristband, were permitted to be on the field and those who weren’t would have to be on the bleachers — even if they were athletes playing in the game. Once the teams got on the field, the majority of the cheerleaders were told to return back to the bleachers, upending a tradition of boys in sports bras cheering the girls on from the sidelines. 

Senior Aja Taylor was the game’s MVP. She constantly got a hold of the ball and scored the game’s first and only touchdown. The juniors gave their best effort, but a number of dropped passes killed any momentum they might have had. Taylor’s contribution sealed the deal, and the seniors triumphed in the end.