Athlete of the Month: Kate Joos

Alex Cirino

The girl’s varsity soccer team is now considered one of the city’s best and is playing at a higher level of competition than in prior years. With nine games scheduled against private schools, the team must handle the idea of being the underdogs versus many of their opponents this season. Amongst this highly talented soccer squad lies an emerging leader: attacking midfielder Kate Joos. 

In her third year on the team, junior Joos is looking to emerge as more of a leader this season. Her role as an attacking midfielder involves controlling the pace of the ball, being a great playmaker, and showing strong leadership through her actions. Head coach Kate Murphy describes Joos as a “silent leader”. “She’s not the loudest on the field but she leads through her intensity, style of play, and sets the tone without even knowing she does,” said Murphy. “She is consistent and always challenges her teammates to work harder and be better people and players.” With three goals scored to start the season, Joos is already on track for another great season.

Being centralized around much of the team’s play, Joos senses that the team has gelled together a lot better than in previous seasons. With many more early-season games against private schools, the team adjusted quickly to their competition. Despite a slow 4-4 start to the season, Joos sees the team playing better against private schools than in years past, as they overcome some of the challenges competitive teams bring along. “They’re all really fast and strong,” said Joos. “They do a lot more conditioning than we do and they start their preseason pretty early.” Knowing that the team has many more tough tasks ahead of them, Joos and the rest of the soccer team’s approach to games has been more intense as they look towards making a promising run to the DCSAA State tournament.

“Kate has been fantastic from day one and continues to grow each year. I am truly honored to be her coach here at Wilson.” Murphy added.