Students walk out for climate

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Students walk out for climate

Margaret Heffernan and Alex Holmes

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On September 20, students and adults all over the world participated in the International Climate Strike. They walked out of class and work, and in DC, they ended up at the Capitol. The Beacon talked to Wilson students who attended the strike. They were asked about why they attended, their experience, and the impact they hope to see from the march. Here are their responses:


Marina Pariser (senior):

“It’s bigger than your one day of school, one day of class. An unexcused absence is a lot less important than actually getting climate legislation to pass.”

Sara Scherlinder (freshman):

“Climate change is an urgent issue because the world is dying and if we don’t do anything there won’t be a future for the next generations.”

Maya Canady (senior): 

“I think that people need to take it further than just going to the climate strike for one day, and call their reps and implement things within their own communities. Actually take it further to create change.”

Ella Schneider (senior): 

“If we don’t address this now, when are we going to address it? You know this needs to happen now. This needs to be us. We can make up a test, we can’t remake our climate.”

Chris O’Brien (sophomore): “I think it takes more people pushing for it, maybe more people skipping school. There has to be continued, sustained action because if no one else is going to act on this issue then I guess we should.”