Political activism shouldn’t have an age requirement


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Aaron Gorman

As the political world becomes increasingly polarized, celebrities are under immense pressure to take some form of a stand. But what about child stars? Do they have the same obligation as their older counterparts to become politically active, or does their age mean that they should avoid politics entirely?

  Youth involvement in politics has been increasing, with DC considering changing the voting age to 16, and young activists such as David Hogg, a 19-year-old gun control advocate, or Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old climate activist, becoming major forces in the political world. However, in both of these cases, 16 seems to be the youngest age at which someone can become a politically active figure. 

 Sixteen is a milestone in many people’s lives, and oftentimes represents an increase in responsibility. It’s the age when you first start driving, when you can legally get married without your parent’s permission, and many consider it your first step into adulthood. Becoming politically active at 16 is 100% logical, both in terms of activism and in terms of voting laws. 

A person is never too young to fight for what they believe in, however, it is the responsibility of a voter and adult to understand that maybe the beliefs of someone as young as Mason Ramsey, who is only 12, yet has over 2 million followers on Instagram, should be taken with a grain of salt. In the end, voters decide what to believe, they decide who to listen to, and any person who wishes to make a plea to voters can do so.

 The right to freedom of expression is embedded in our country’s constitution and it should never be removed from someone, no matter their age. Anyone can have any opinion and can express said opinion. If you wish to make your views known, that is your choice, and no one can make it other than you. There is no reason that any person, of any age, should be barred or discouraged from expressing their views. There is no age that is “too young” to express your ideas, so you cannot be “too young” to get involved in politics. •