My dad caught me vaping


Some parents don’t have a single clue about the shenanigans us vapers get up to. For the parents that don’t have a clue, get an idea. I vape regularly, and have been caught using it in action.

Usually, I vape once I get home from school to sit back and relax. There’s nothing like a good ‘nic buzz’ after a hard day of school. One day, I was in my room, hitting the Juul, and I heard my dad walk up the stairs. Suddenly, my door opened, and in walked my dad. There was a huge cloud of smoke in the air. I was stunned and baffled by his entrance. When he questioned the smoke, my immediate reaction was to say, “Don’t worry, that was just dry ice in my mouth.” Then, he looked down at my hand and made eye contact with the Juul.

I didn’t even know if he knew what a Juul was. I told him, “This is just a flash drive for my AP Computer Science class.” He thought to himself for a split second and then said, “I’ve never seen a flash drive look like that before.”

He walked out of the room with nothing else said, not even a lecture or punishment. This is what we call the clueless parent. But even though my parents are oblivious, most are more hip than ever before. Vaping is on a slow decline. Stop the vaping teens, look out for your health. Sike! I stay vaping.