Kacey Musgraves wows fans during “Oh, What a World: Tour II”

Kacey Musgraves wows fans during “Oh, What a World: Tour II

Chiara Purificato

After a 40-minute car ride jamming out to Kacey Musgrave songs in preparation, my friend and I arrived at Wolf trap. The concert started at 8:00, so we thought arriving at 7:30 would give us sufficient time to find a spot, but we were very wrong. It was packed, but we managed to squeeze ourselves into a decent spot in the center of the lawn after some persuasion. That’s when it hit us… we forgot snacks. We were surrounded by endless concert goers who had all prepared themselves mouth-watering picnics. There we were snackless, we had to come up with a quick solution to avoid starving for the next three hours. Wolf trap’s family friendly venue is one of the very few places that allows outside food and drinks. Luckily for us, they had a concession stand, which we indulged in with some nachos and chicken nuggets.  

Before Musgraves came out to perform on her “Oh, What a World: Tour II,” Yola, a British singer, opened, giving off country and soul vibes, setting a perfect precursor mood to Musgraves. The crowd roared as Musgraves appeared like magic at stage center. Opening with her song “Oh What a World,” she was surrounded by neon green and yellow lights swaying in the background, creating a glow.

The intricate electronic stage designs and LED lights kept the audience in awe all throughout the night, matching the theme of each of her songs. When it got dark, an enormous sea of pink light up cowgirl hats was made visible. 

The tone was shifted a lot, switching between her more mellow tunes, and her upbeat songs, but they all had one thing in common: they were all sing along. Musgraves switched things up by performing a surprise cover of the well known song “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaylor, in the middle of her set. Musgraves is a very down to earth artist who kept it real with her fans, talking to the crowd occasionally recounting anecdotes and memories, tying some back to her hometown in Texas.

Musgraves produced a good variety of songs throughout her show to tailor a fit to every audience member. She threw in some oldies like “Merry-go-round” from her 2013 album, and “Same Trailer Different Park” and “Good Ol’ Boys Club” from her 2015 album “Pageant Material.” Musgraves included almost every song, if not every single song from her newest/double grammy award winning 2018 album “Golden hour.” Some of the most popular songs known to the audience included hits “Butterflies” and “Rainbow,” and other songs “Slow Burn” and “Spacecowboy.”

Musgraves closed with one of her most popular, upbeat and energetic songs, “High Horse,” getting almost everyone up on their feet dancing and singing along, before the end of the concert, leaving on a high note (or horse).