Athlete of the Month: Rashard Biggs

Baraka Aboul-Magd

Rashard Biggs began playing football when he was four having been pushed to try the sport because his father envisioned him excelling at it. Now Biggs is the starting running back and captain of Wilson’s football team.

Biggs is well above average in his division, boasting an impressive 1521 yards and leading the DCIAA in rushing yards. He utilizes his encouraging, hard-working and supportive personality in performances on the field and as a leader. Biggs was named USA Football’s Mid-Atlantic Player of the Week  for the week of September 16th.

Biggs began his Wilson football career freshman year on the JV team but advanced to Varsity as a sophomore. His passion and dedication to the sport has not only shaped him as a player but also as a leader. He tries to help the other players grow but also provide support at the same time. “We don’t see ourselves as players, it’s more of a brotherhood,” Biggs said about how he is a successful captain. He holds many responsibilities as the captain of the team, “ being a leader and carrying the team on his back” has been one of his greatest accomplishments on the football team.

“I don’t just see it as a game, I see it as a way to escape reality,” Biggs revealed. His love for the sport has also been channeled into a de-stress activity. Biggs is used to a busy and rigorous schedule so maintaining good grades and being a strong player come before his free time.

With Biggs’ senior season coming to an end, the close bonds he formed with his teammates and coaches is one aspect of the team he’ll miss the most. “Something I’ll miss about playing for wilson is definitely my relationship with the coaches,” Biggs mentioned. “I feel I can go to my coaches about anything even outside of football, if I need advice or anything i believe i can count on them.”