Wilson finalizes field renovation, installs new scoreboard

Alex Cirino

The brand new turf field has been in use since the beginning of the school year, however many more developments have been made as the stadium’s renovation finalizes. The biggest addition to the stadium is the new scoreboard that was changed from a black to green base. The official name of the renovated stadium, “Horace Fleming III Field: Home of the Wilson Tigers,” was also branded in white font. 

Fleming III was a long-time football coach and physical education teacher who passed away in May of this year. The new scoreboard now supports a portable sound system, allowing it to connect to the board from different parts of the school. The scoreboard was also moved from the left side of the field goal posts to the right. Both sets of field goal posts also underwent minor touch-ups highlighted by a fresh coat of yellow paint alongside the addition of bright orange flags on top. This marks the final on-field repair as there is no anticipated field construction any time soon. 

With the renovation of the field itself being complete, there are still some of the stadium’s amenities being worked on. The largest of these is the much-needed repair of the fieldside bathrooms which the athletic departments hopes will be finished by the end of the year. Another addition to look out for is a new set of soccer goals. They will replace the tape-bound goals that have been on the field since it was first built. The addition of much needed storage closets has also been made allowing for extra space to store the large amounts of football gear during the offseason, creating more space in the existing storage closet next to the tunnel.

After a long period of anticipation, the field’s renovation is almost complete and has turned into a safer and visually-appealing stadium.