Summer clothes belong at the back of the drawer (permanently)

Charlotte Comrack

September 22, the first official day of fall, means only one thing in my mind: it is finally sweater weather. I am beyond excited because for the past six dreadful months of summer and spring, I was forced to wear uncomfortable jean shorts, lousy and unattractive tank-tops, and—worst of all—sandals. 

The clothing you wear in hot weather is the worst! In the summer-time you can’t wear comfy pieces without looking like complete trash. I feel like in the winter anything is comfortable because of all the sweaters, hats, jackets, and gloves. Even the red and orange palette of fall and winter gives you a cozy vibe. 

You also can’t beat how nice layers are. On the way to school, wear a bunch of layers. Get to your English class and find out the thermostat is set to eighty degrees, take off a layer! Get to lunch and realize that you are actually really cold, put those layers back on! Not only are they really cute, but they are super helpful in a school with an unpredictable climate. 

You can also always count on cold-weather fashion. In the winter-time, a pair of jeans and a fun sweater is seen as super fashionable, but when you get to summer, things get ten times harder. You are expected to wear dresses, skirts, and those weird shorts with floral patterns that are almost never flattering or cute. I always look back at pictures of myself in the summer and ask myself why I wore those ugly white pants. 

So, the earliest chance I get, I put on my sweater, wear my thick blue jeans, and walk out of my house to embrace the change of seasons and fashion. I set out on my journey to school with a smile on my face because everything is going to be okay. I can wear jeans now.