Fashion in the Halls: Winter edition


Photos courtesy of Camelia Terraza

Camelia Terraza

Ahh, the feeling of wiping your runny nose on the arm of your sweatshirt and suffering the freezing tundra that is standing at the end of the line for the metal detectors. January has come rolling in, and with it thick-knit socks and inconsistent Wilson thermostats. I’ll be frank, the cold is not a good look on most, but wintery Wilson is radiant as ever! Hopefully some of these tips will help you overcome post-winter break melancholy and let you level up to that kid in your art class that *somehow* looks good every day.


Coats, coats coats! You can never go wrong with a nice coat, whether it be a puffer, corduroy, or a sleek overcoat.


A striking or unique shoe can pull together an outfit in ways you can’t imagine — use a heel and tights to pull a strict school-teacher look (shoutout to Profe Vazquez) or colorful Nikes to fulfill your inner Sporty Spice.


Mix and match! Stripes on stripes, cheetah print on polka-dots, pull out all the stops! The moment you think it’s too much, add another layer. Worst case scenario you’ll look like the background dancer for a K-pop music video.


Tights can transform you into a modern-day Cyndi Lauper or a 90’s grunge queen. Neon hose, patterned, and ripped tights add an exciting element to any ‘fit.

Other gems…