Wilson graduate joins Brown University frisbee team


Evan Vieth

Class of 2019 Wilson graduate Jacques Nissen is already making a big name for himself on the highest stage of frisbee. Nissen is currently a member of the Brown University Ultimate team as well as the DC Breeze, Washington’s professional frisbee team. Nissen has already played in five games for the Breeze throughout his rookie season and the team currently sits in third place with a 7-6 record. He also participated as a part of the French U20 team but will be representing the US in next year’s World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC).

Nissen was a part of Wilson’s ultimate team and captained the team during his senior season. At Brown, Nissen will join an elite ultimate program that has already won three National Championships in the past two decades, including a championship last season in 2019 where the Bears defeated North Carolina 14-9. The team went completely undefeated throughout the entire tournament.

During the collegiate offseason, Nissen spent his time playing for the DC Breeze. The team is a member of the American Ultimate Disc League, which features 22 teams across four divisions. The Breeze ended up third in the East Division and ninth overall with a 7-6 record. 

Nissen appeared in five games total and finished the season with eight assists and six goals for the Breeze. He also had a perfect pass completion percentage and helped the team to a 3-2 record in those five games.

Just one year after graduating from Wilson, Nissen is already making a major impact on multiple levels of ultimate. Nissen will be the sole representative of DC when he participates in the WJUC tournament this July. The event will be held in Malmo, Sweden and will feature the top under 20 players in the world. In the near future, we may see Nissen as the face of ultimate frisbee.