Tips for starting out the new year fresh

Morgan McReady and Keane Stack

  1. Hungry but trying to eat healthy for the new year? Boonk a healthy snack from Whole Foods. You can still eat healthy while on a budget.

  2. Trying a new style? Go to the thrifting club for some tips and some new fits for the new year.

  3. Can’t sleep? Throw a weighted blanket on your head and you will be out cold.

  4. Can’t stand the stench of Wilson? Use your new Axe you got from the holidays and spray it everywhere.

  5. Try to learn a new TikTok dance in school (volume full blast or it won’t count).

  6. To stay hydrated and not get kicked out of Panera, take your water cup and (wait for it…) fill it with actual water.

  7. Donate money to Wilson so they can get the middle metal detector fixed.