Tenley’s Club Pilates is a blast

Virginia Suardi

Looking for an effective workout, a chic exercise studio, and a welcoming community? You might want to check out Club Pilates Tenleytown, the newest Pilates facility conveniently located next to Mayflower Chinese Restaurant. Contrary to the stereotype that it is easy and low-impact, Pilates provides both a strenuous and rewarding workout. 

Kate Lowe, regional manager of Club Pilates operations, says that Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on “core control, flexibility, spinal awareness, and breath, through resistance training.” Essentially, Pilates is a collection of strength and flexibility training calisthenics performed with the use of special equipment. Similar to yoga in many aspects, it requires a mind-body-breath connection and an emphasis on concentration and discipline. Pilates has been widely adopted by celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Selena Gomez, and Madonna as a strengthening and toning exercise regimen. 

Knowing this, I decided to sign up for one of Club Pilates Tenleytown’s free introduction classes to get a sense of whether Pilates was right for me. Walking into the beautiful, modern studio, I immediately felt at home. After taking my first class, I was hooked. 

Club Pilates Tenleytown currently offers four types of classes: “Reformer Flow,” “Cardiosculpt,” “Suspend,” and “Control” classes, which vary through the use of the class equipment. “Reformer Flow,” one of the most popular classes available at Club Pilates Tenleytown, is conducted mostly lying down on the “carriage,” a long piece of equipment that you push in and out for leg strengthening. “Cardiosculpt” classes put a challenging cardio spin on the regular Pilates routine.

Though I have found that Cardiosculpt classes provide a more intense workout, Reformer Flow is also very physically demanding. Make no mistake, Lowe says that all of the classes are “sure to kick your butt!” 

Over the course of the past two months, I have loved every moment at Club Pilates. I always get an amazing workout, and the Club Pilates community is wonderful. Management at the front desk is always cheerful, and the instructors are amazing at creating a positive environment while challenging you to work your hardest.  

So what are you waiting for? Club Pilates Tenleytown has it all: great location, great studio, great instructors, and most importantly, great workouts. Buy some sticky grip socks (required for the class) and book your free intro class! If you end up enjoying the workout, they offer a 10% student discount on all membership options. Seriously, it is so much fun.