Neighborhood Spotlight: Glover Park


Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Riley Frey

As someone who has lived in Glover Park all of their life, by now I would think I’ve gotten used to everything. But, it’s really just the opposite. Daily walks with my dog around the neighborhood give me the chance to see the beauty of such a neighborhood. We meet several new dogs almost every day, and sometimes discover new trails in the woods that we never knew were there. I’m able to see people working at the local community gardens around Glover Park and families playing soccer or other sports at the playgrounds and fields. 

Glover Park is one of the only neighborhoods in DC with no metro station or direct access to the metro. Additionally, with it being enclosed by trees and parts of Rock creek park, it sometimes may be hard to navigate into. Very few roads actually lead into Glover Park creating very little traffic and activity. Although it may not be as recognized like other neighborhoods such as Woodley Park or Georgetown, the Glover Park neighborhood always excites with its specific attractions. 

Glover Park, a small neighborhood in Northwest DC, is named after civic leader Charles C. Glover, who played a major role in the banking industry. He had many connections that allowed him to have a huge influence on the beautification of DC, including landmarks such as the National Arboretum, the National Cathedral, and Rock Creek Park.

Glover Park, located just north of Georgetown, includes a variety of embassies, restaurants, schools, parks, stores, and homes. Most food attractions are located on Wisconsin Avenue, with popular businesses like Trader Joes, Safeway, Einstein Bagels, Chipotle, and Rocklands Barbeque. Just a few blocks west of Wisconsin is Stoddert Elementary School, which houses a baseball field and multiple playgrounds. On the other side of Wisconsin Avenue, Guy Mason Park also has a baseball field and a recently-remodeled playground. Many are seen on a daily basis enjoying Glover Park’s field space and parks.

One of the neighborhood’s main traditions is Glover Park day: a huge event hosted during the summer at Guy Mason Park, where food, music, raffles, and games unite the community. Food is brought and cooked from local restaurants, music is performed live, and activities allow for many to connect. 

A key feature of Glover Park is how surrounded it is with nature and trees. Trails from Rock Creek Park wind all around and through the neighborhood, allowing for accessible outdoor adventures. Many trails, in which people often jog or play with their dogs, have trees with built-in swings and small bridges overlooking streams. 

During the holidays, most people decorate and show their spirit, especially during Halloween, when Glover Park is one of the most attractive neighborhoods. The streets are packed with all sorts of crazy costumes and decor. Not only do the kids and adults dress up, but several dogs walk around with costumes. When the occasional block or alley party occurs, people from all around the neighborhood come together. Successful events and gatherings are what hold together Glover Park—everyone is so connected and kind, it makes the neighborhood a very special place to be. 

Glover Park houses several neighborhood teams, including softball clubs who play at Stoddert elementary’s baseball field. Many come and crowd around the baseball field to support teams regardless of any sort of weather conditions. Tents and canopies are set up the day before and grills are rolled in bright and early during championships. 

Although Glover Park may be one of the smallest neighborhoods in DC, the community always succeeds in making it an enjoyable place. As it has several high-quality restaurants, many playgrounds and attractions, and good access to Metro Bus, it’s one of the best areas in DC.