22 metrobus lines could be “eliminated”, affecting Wilson students’ commutes


Ethan Leifman and Jaden Morgan

22 metrobus lines are currently being considered by Metro for “elimination,” meaning bus routes will be either discontinued or absorbed into other bus lines on a similar corridor. With many Wilson students commuting to school on the bus, some will be affected if the proposed changes go into effect. For students who have no choice but to commute by bus the elimination of bus routes can greatly affect them.

A major change that could come to Tenleytown’s buses are the changes to the 30s routes. Currently, the 31 and 33 run from Friendship Heights, through Tenleytown, and terminate at Potomac Park and Federal Triangle. There are also two other bus routes, the 30N and the 30S, which go all the way to the Naylor Road and Southern Avenue Metro stations in Southeast DC. Few riders ride the entire length of the line, since the Metro trains can go to those areas much faster. The 30N and the 30S will be absorbed into the 31 and 33, as will the 37 MetroExtra bus, which is an express bus down Wisconsin Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue into Downtown. This means that the same number of buses will travel down Wisconsin Avenue, but they will go to fewer destinations, but with higher frequency. 

Freshman Phoenix Gorland said the merging of the bus lines could affect her commute. “I can take the train though,” said Gorland. Freshman Inez Guebel said the merging of the 30s bus lines won’t affect her, as they will all still run to Georgetown, where she gets off. Some students who will be affected by these proposed changes are unhappy with the changes. “They are planning on getting rid of the D2 and my only alternative is the D6 which will be late and inconsistent if they merge those two bus lines,” Junior Omar Al Sarhan said.

“I don’t think it’s worth the change because they’re changing routes that many people use and become reliant on to get to school,” said Junior Xavier Jackson. Freshman Eli Reisman agreed, saying “Buses are already working smoothly in my experience so I don’t think it is worth the change. Public transportation should be a priority and kept running smoothly.”