Wilson sports use social media to increase community involvement


Graphic by Aidan Holmes

Chiara Purificato

Twenty years ago, students, parents, or the general public would not have been able to track a sports team’s progress or have immediate access to schedules, records, and achievements. In 2020, with just a click of a button or a refresh of an Instagram page that access is granted within seconds. 

There is a rapidly increasing emphasis on social media in the Wilson athletics community, with many teams active on Instagram, Twitter, and popular high school sports sites such as MaxPreps. 

Instagram, the popular social media platform, enables anyone to be informed on a team. Most Wilson sports teams have created Instagram pages to represent them. The Wilson Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Wrestling, Boys and Girls Crew, Baseball, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Ultimate, Cross country, and Cheer teams all have an Instagram account dedicated to their team. On these accounts, posts contain an array of data and information such as schedules, records, team information, photos, highlight videos, and more.

In addition to the Instagram pages of all of these teams, there is the Wilson Tigers Athletics account, which has 864 followers and counting. This page highlights all Wilson athletic teams by posting reminders about schedules and games, shoutouts to certain teams or athletes, game recaps, and highlight videos. 

In addition, DCIAA and DCSAA both have official Instagram accounts that have racked up a couple of thousand followers. These accounts highlight a variety of teams and sports across the DMV area, not just Wilson. 

Through this rapid diffusion of information and media, almost anyone has access to it. Posts relating to Wilson athletics have been posted and reposted for viewers across the nation, and the world, to see. This gives teams access to opportunities such as gaining attention from college coaches and athletic apparel sponsors. Through this platform, student-athletes also have the opportunity to market themselves, spreading name recognition, and promoting highlight clips. It raises awareness for school sporting events and allows people to know the dates of games and tournaments in advance, possibly increasing the rate of their attendance.