Fiending for caffeine: the best cup of coffee in DC


Sadie Wyatt

Even though the groundhog predicted an early spring, the days still seem long and chilly. If you’re like me, a great cup of coffee can make the cold weather seem not so bad. Whether you’re looking to do some homework, meet a friend, or just grab a cup of joe, here is my list of some of the best coffee shops in DC—in no particular order.


Tryst (Adams Morgan)

To start out the list is Tryst, my personal favorite. Tryst offers a cozy, hip feel and serves not only the stellar coffee it’s known for, but breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktails. It’s relatively cheap, with a latte at $4, and the portions are quite large. Tryst coffee is also served at The Diner DC, Open City (and Open City at the Cathedral), and The Coupe.


Qualia Coffee (Petworth and Eckington)

With a homey vibe and coffee from around the world, Qualia Coffee has a staff knowledgeable on all of the different varieties served. The coffee is rich in flavor and clearly crafted with care. However, there is not a huge range in types of drinks, and it is a bit pricey.


Wydown Coffee Bar (Cardozo and H Street)

Small space with limited seating, but a cup of joe that makes up for it! Despite a bright, open aesthetic inside and many handcrafted beverages on the menu, it’s definitely worth mentioning the fact that they have no WiFi. Cheap, good coffee—lattes are only $3.75.


Compass Coffee (Spring Valley, Shaw, Chinatown, Foggy Bottom, Capitol Hill, Cardozo, The Mall, and Georgetown)

Closest of these to Wilson is Compass Coffee! Recognizable from its “Made in DC” logo, Compass definitely has DC pride. The coffee is great too, with specials like Nutella mochas, seasonal drinks like Turmeric lattes, and peppermint hot chocolate. It has an overall great vibe for doing work or chilling.


Baked and Wired (Georgetown)

Baked and Wired has the best cupcakes in Georgetown (no shade Georgetown Cupcakes, I know you have a TV show…). But on top of that, they also have great coffee! While often crowded, B&W switches their “Pour-Over Menu” with the type of espresso used weekly, so you’re always in for a surprise. Otherwise, they have a good selection of drinks, with a latte at $3.85. The coffee is also served at their sister store, A Baked Joint, on K St.


Peregrine (Eastern Market, Union Market, Cardozo)

Peregrine Espresso, with the dictionary definition of “Peregrine” on the door, definitely has more of a hipster vibe. Although a bit pricey, Peregrine has a good selection of drinks, as well as varied pastries. The espresso had a unique flavor, being more acidic than most, but still tasted good and fit the vibe. Peregrine Espresso also offers “Espresso Fundamentals” and “Better Brewing” consumer classes.


The Cup We All Race 4 (Adams Morgan)

Located in the Line Hotel, The Cup We All Race 4 is definitely not a place to sit down and do work while sipping drinks, being in a hotel and all. It is also slightly expensive, with a latte costing up to $6. However, their coffee is delicious and the handcrafted beverages with many non-dairy milk alternatives and Instagrammable cups make for a great DC coffee spot.