From the atrium floor to the red carpet: Fashion Club showcases school style


Anna Gustafson

Didn’t catch the last fashion show in December? No worries, the Wilson Fashion Club has another in the works. Formed last September by junior Sydni Lewis, the club is co-led by junior Azariah Riley and is sponsored by 12th-grade counselor Aleta Lane. 

Going into the 2019-20 school year, there was no longer a fashion club for students to join as the last one tapered off the previous spring. “Wilson’s very diverse and it has a lot of creativity and style, and I feel like it’s not really showcased,” Lewis said. It was her desire to exhibit Wilson’s unique style that motivated Lewis to organize a fashion club. Riley explained that “[their] love for fashion” drives the leaders to grow and further develop the club.

The club currently consists of about 19 members, including makeup artists, stylists, photographers, and models. At a typical meeting, the stylists are paired with the models to collect accurate measurements for their upcoming fashion show(s) that they put on about every few months. The models then practice their walk for the runway (the atrium) while the club members discuss their roles in the show. If the group is not preparing for an upcoming show, they review their previous ones and “let people reflect on it and then start coming up with more ideas as a collective for the next show,” Riley said.

The club has already begun preparations for their upcoming show, “Wilson Fashion Exposed,” on April 9 at 6 p.m. in the atrium. Riley explained that they “will be presenting a wildlife… and vintage modeling show.” The inspiration for the show is derived from the HBO TV series “Euphoria.” To prepare, the club has weekly meetings every Tuesday in the Black Box Theater at STEP and every Tuesday and Thursday as the show draws nearer. In order to raise money for the production, they have plans for future fundraising events.

All students are welcome to participate in Fashion Club, especially those interested in makeup, style, photography, and modeling. Be on the lookout for interest meetings and check out @wilsonsfashionclub on Instagram to learn more!