How to spend your coronacation

Alejandro Diaz-Lopez

The worldwide COVID-19 outbreak has caused society to take the necessary precautions to avoid the spread of the virus. As coronavirus concerns cancel school and public events, students may find themselves bored at home. In spite of “social distancing,” there are fun things to do while spending the time at home without going outside. Here are some ways students can pass the time during the outbreak.

1. TikTok: It’s time to put those dancing skills to use! Learning TikTok dances is a great way to spend time, and every day there are different ones to try. But beware: the app is very addicting and you may be on it for hours, searching for funny videos, animals, dancing, and so much more. I guarantee your screen-time will skyrocket after using the app. But maybe after surfing for videos for so long, you will become the next Charlie D’Amelio.

2. Netflix: There is always something good to watch on Netflix—there are shows and movies for everyone. Some Netflix originals I recommend to watch are “On My Block” and “One Day at a Time,” two shows that highlight love, friendship, and family values. If you need a great documentary to watch, I definitely would suggest “13th,” which reveals so much about the loopholes within the criminal justice system.

3. Cleaning: Cleaning your room is another great way to spend time during the outbreak. A lot of people dread cleaning their room, but at least it will make your parents happy and once you’ve finished, you will feel very accomplished. The environment plays a huge role in the way people behave which means a clean room will result in less stress and more organized thoughts.

4. YouTube workouts: Watch at-home workouts on YouTube. For those trying to avoid going to the gym but want to be active, watching fitness videos on YouTube is a great way to spend time at home. You don’t need a gym membership to be fit, all you need is your phone and a comfortable space in your house to workout. During the break, it’s important to get moving and to strengthen your body. It’s never too early to get that summer body ready.

5. Puzzles and games: Pull out puzzles or game boards and play with your family. If you want to be social, playing board games or doing puzzles is the way to do it. Puzzles will calm your mind, and it never hurts to be competitive with family. Both activities allow for the whole family to laugh and have a good time.

6. Hygiene: The most important thing to do during the outbreak is to practice proper hygiene. Remember to wash your hands with soap for about 20 seconds to get rid of any bad germs. Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth. Following these tips will make your time more enjoyable during the outbreak.