Ayomi Wolff and Jack Barlett

PDA Predicament

Written by Ayomi Wolff

There is nothing worse than walking up the back stairwell from the second floor, on your way back to class from the good bathrooms (you know, the yellow ones), and seeing two sophomores. Macking on each other, like they’re trying to eat each other’s faces off. Now, I’m no prude, (I love a good smooch) but in the hallways next to a discarded hot lunch someone threw on the ground? I know y’all love your boo-jaunts and seven hours away from their embrace is just toooo long, but while we are at school. Keep. It. In. Your. PANTS!


Metro Etiquette

Written by Jack Bartlett

Some Etiquette for Metro or Bus,

‘Less you choose to seem real Sus;


Be sure to keep your eyes straight down,

Mind your business, don’t look around. 


If you choose to eat, please be quiet. 

Being loud is annoying, so don’t even try it. 


Talking aloud will get you a groan,

I’m trying to rest, just leave me alone. 


Music is fine, just not on speaker.

If we hear your music it’ll make you seem weaker. 


That’s my list of kind Etiquette. 

This is important, don’t forget it. 


Most importantly, always be kind. 

Courtesy brings courtesy, you will find.