How to spend your pandemic Halloween


Graphic by Darya Filippova

Darya Filippova and Josephine Schneider

  1. Use PVC pipes as a candy chute to pass out candy from a safe distance.
  2.  Have a tiny party with a few friends outside by setting up a projector for a movie screen and enjoy a movie marathon. 
  3. Go all out and decorate your room Halloween themed-then get all cozy and watch a scary movie.
  4.  Paint pumpkins:  Halloween themed or just a pretty pattern!
  5. Bake some Halloween treats and decorate them!
  6. Take a quick trip to CVS or Safeway (or wherever) and pick up some candy. To make it even more fun, you can meet up with your friends and trade. 
  7. Gather some friends and put everyone’s name in a hat, everyone draws a name and throughout a selected time period, you have to scare that person. Whoever scares their person the most wins!
  8. Make spooky baskets for your friends!
  9. Buy some apple cider, put some Pillsbury Halloween cookies in the oven, and listen to/tell your favorite ghost stories while waiting!
  10. Drive through some neighborhoods and look at the lights and decorations.