Covid-19 prompts a rise in pet adoptions for Wilson families

Maisie Derlega

Since the pandemic began, there has been a dramatic increase in pet adoptions. Pets provide companionship, ease stress, and can substantially boost our moods—some things we could all benefit from during lockdown. Without having to leave for work and school each day, families can help their furry, scaly, and feathery friends get adjusted to their new homes. Here are just a few of the many Wilson students who have welcomed a new addition to their families during the Coronavirus. 

Freshman Dana Clocker rescued a gray tabby cat named Louie. He loves to cuddle and meow at people. Clocker’s family decided to get a cat because they had been wanting one for a while and they figured the lockdown was a good time to adopt a pet because they would be able to spend time with it while at home. 

Freshman Arianna Ridgeway’s sister adopted a blue crowned conure bird named Stuart. He is very playful, cuddly, and at times very loud. He is a very active and busy bird and needs plenty of toys to keep him happy and occupied throughout the day. Ridgeway’s family got a bird because their sister had been wanting one for a long time. They say it did not have to do much with the lockdown, but it may have been the reason their sister had time to do so much research on what type of bird she wanted. 

Freshman Katie Crouch adopted a three month old gray kitten named Gandalf. He was found in a storm drain and is very small. They got the cat because their grandma was really attached to the cat that their family had for 10 years so they gave it to her to keep her company during lockdown.

Junior Evelyn Goldwasser‘s family rescued a mutt named Kira. Her sisters and her had been wanting a dog for a while but with school it seemed too hard to manage. Since lockdown kept the entire family at home, rescuing a pet seemed a lot more manageable. At first they fostered the puppy to test if it would get along with their cats but ended up adopting her because they loved her so much. She was abandoned in South Carolina and was transported all the way up to DC!