100 word rants

Ellen Carrier, Madison Dias, and Mia Heyward

Teachers stress too

By Ellen Carrier

As the advisory ended, many students were anxious about the lack of grades in Aspen. Teachers are the ones designated to assign and grade work, but because of this they almost have less time than students do regarding time outside of school. They hold classes from 9:35-4, with little time in between. Additionally, teachers have to grade all of the work from, what could be, the 200 students that they teach. Everyone should recognize that the online experience is new for everyone, however students also need to understand that teachers also are under a lot of pressure as well.


Stop stealing culture

By Madison Dias

Wear their breads, fashion their clothing, steal their identity, westernize it, make it your own. All without consequences, you have mastered the art of cultural appropriation. Those “cool patterns” you see on African clothing? Those “unique” hairstyles black women wear? The Halloween costumes of Indigenous people? Those items are not fashion, they are culture, someone’s identity. Why do cultures become ‘accepted’ only when they’re adopted by a white person? Deemed “unprofessional,” while the westernizer is seen as “beautiful?” Leave those cultures alone, they are not yours to touch nor steal.


Breakouts are a bother

By Mia Heyward

There is nothing worse than hearing from your teacher, “Time for breakout rooms.” I exit my main Teams call to enter a world of nothingness. We sit in silence, and if our screens are on, stare into each other’s eyes, begging for this to end soon. Finally, somebody speaks: “What are we even supposed to be doing?” LOL, you know exactly what we are supposed to be doing! Do I unmute myself? No, instead, I turn off my camera and begin doing the work individually LIKE IT WAS INTENDED TO BE DONE. Teachers, I beg you, STOP! NO MORE!