Fashion trend predictions for 2021

Darya Filippova

Trends come and go, sometimes even make great comebacks throughout generations. 2021 will be no different. With new aspiring artists and another lockdown, people will have inspiration and time to focus on themselves and their style. 

 But a great question to ask is, “What exactly makes something a trend?” Trends spike when popular creators or even well known kids at your school show something off that grabs a lot of attention. This is very common in the fashion community. Everyone has their own opinions on different taste or areas of style, but since the fashion community is full of creative and open-minded people, trends are likely to start from there. 

Emma Chamberlain, a popular content creator who specifically focuses on fashion, is a well known trend-setter because of her unique style. In particular, she brought back the hype for flared yoga pants back in October 2020, and although 2020 was a difficult time for most, the fashion industry never ceased to advance and develop new styles. From wearing colorful hair clips to layering old thrifted clothes, social media creators on popular platforms shared their style choices with the world, influencing other users to change up their wardrobes. Popular fashion trends that 2020 had brought to us were sweaters, handbags, old school skirts, and my favorite, mom jeans. 

While many of these will be continued into 2021, new trends are slowly rising, which will bring a lot of attention to promising stylists. Currently, corsets and the 1800s style aesthetic is trending, with many people purchasing corsets and Victorian-era dresses. Another clothing choice that people will popularize in 2021 are knee-high Converse; they would go very well with the “alternative” aesthetic, which includes punk, grunge, and emo styles. Fishnets and colorful tights have also been making a comeback, and the color brown is becoming increasingly popular.

With new hope for 2021, people will be more outgoing and willing to take risks to make up for the things they missed in 2020. 2021 is bound to have hardcore layering, knitted dresses, and mixed pattern outfits. A rise in GAP hoodies may occur as well, as they’re already being used in many outfits inspirations. Moving on to makeup and hair, 2021 will be a year of color to move past the dark times of 2020. Brightly colored mascara and eyeliner will most definitely return.

 As we know, curtain bangs were a popular hairdo in 2020, and that will definitely stay; however, a lot of people might shave their head or take on the buzzcut while dying it with a unique color. Those who prefer longer hair are in luck, since unique hairstyles are getting the hype such as the two mini braids, bubble ponytails, and two high braids. This year will surely be the year of change for everyone, whether it’s mentally, physically, or in style.