Faculty Favorites: Mr. Walters sends me to Fancy Radish

Maya Roskes

Vegan restaurants are notorious for their small portions, misleading food descriptions, and high prices. So I was curious to try vegan art teacher Avram Walters’ favorite restaurant, Fancy Radish, located on H street. 

Walters said that he probably goes around three times a year, and he loves it because it has high-quality vegan food and a cozy environment. 

Just as the name suggests, the restaurant was upscale and definitely not the place to go with a rowdy family. It was small, cute, and peaceful, and even as it got more crowded, it remained quiet and relaxing. The dim lights also added to the intimate experience. 

The staff were friendly and attentive. The menu was small, but this was expected since Walters told me that the dishes change seasonally. We scanned the menu for drinks, with only two non-alcoholic options. The drink I ordered, the “Bora Bora,” was incredible. It was a coconut and pineapple drink that reminded me of a mango sticky rice dessert, with the perfect amount of sweetness. I wouldn’t have wanted anything else to wash down my food—5 stars.

Moving onto food: we knew we had to try Mr. Walters’s favorite dish—the rutabaga fondue served with pretzels. The fondue did not taste vegan at all, I would have thought it was real cheese if I hadn’t known. The dish was gone within minutes and was probably my favorite of the night—we gave it 5 stars.

Our Peruvian potatoes and charred broccoli arrived next. Despite their high prices, the portions were small, but that didn’t stop the food from being delicious. The potatoes were delicious and a little bit spicy and cooked perfectly, earning the dish 4 stars. I was not a huge fan of the charred flavor on the broccoli, but it was still quite tasty and the beans made up for the dish’s small size. It was also quite pricey given it was just one broccoli head. We gave it a 3.5. 

Our final dinner dishes were the spicy dan dan noodles and the old-school portobello steak. My whole party agreed that the noodles were outstanding. They were cooked perfectly, and the sauce was flavorful, just the right amount of spice. They easily earned themselves 5 stars. I thought that the steak was tasty, but mediocre compared to the rest of our dishes. It was also the most expensive item on the menu, so it’s only getting 3.5 stars. 

We ended our meal with two desserts, the saffron créme brûlée and the apple cinnamon tart. They were both unique and delicious, and the créme brûlée had to be one of the best desserts I’ve ever had—another 5 stars.

When we got the bill, we were all a little shocked at the price, despite knowing it was going to be expensive—it was $180 for three people. But based on the service, ambiance, and dishes, I give this restaurant 4.8 stars, and highly recommend it for a date night or special occasion. •