Acceleration Academy established to combat pandemic learning loss

Lillian Gallant and Lily Schwartzman

The acceleration academy is a new program put in place to help and support students who are struggling academically in Math and ELA, particularly considering learning loss due to COVID. 

The program offers two types of tutoring: 10 to 1 student-teacher sessions, and 3 to 1 student teacher ratio sessions. This applies to both Math and ELA support. 

The program’s goal is to help each student receive individual focus from the appointed teacher. An important aspect to the Acceleration Academy is that the student body understands how to seek the support or how one is referred.

 “Students are referred to the program based on what support they might need, and we keep it confidential because we don’t want students to feel embarrassed if they need extra help,” Goodman says. She then added “We primarily focus on students in danger of failing math or ELA or have failed math or ELA. Our job is to be there for them and provide them with additional support,” Goodman continued.

 Goodman noted how the acceleration academy can help students brush up on their math or ELA skills before going into the course, with the 4×4 schedule causing students to go for a long time without taking math or ELA.

“It may be a student that may not be at risk of failing the course, but maybe they want some additional support in math or ELA because maybe they don’t have that particular course this particular semester,” Goodman said. 

Students who want to seek help through tutoring can go directly to Goodman, or have their guardian reach out. The math tutoring sessions are every Tuesday and Thursday from 4 to 5, and ELA sessions are every Monday and Wednesday also from 4-5. 

“I think the program has been amazing,” said Goodman, noting the increase in ANET scores. “We have definitely seen a major improvement.”•