Top 10 ways to make the most of your spring break


  1. Write “Jackson-Reed” on a whiteboard 1,000 times until in sinks in
  2. Drown your teachers in the late work you put off all advisory 
  3. Celebrate the two-year anniversary of our “two-week break” by relearning the Renegade 
  4. Plan a 17-step promposal 
  5. Finetune your skincare routine because people are gonna see your face now
  6. Devise a escape route from PARCC testing by digging a tunnel in the Fort Reno
  7. Canvas for Cohen4DC
  8. Start asking every senior where they’re going to college everyday
  9. Convince College Board to make AP tests virtual again
  10. Enjoy this break, because the next one isn’t coming until JUNE 27 🙁