100 word fashion rants

Leila Boser and Maya Roskes

No More Leather

By: Leila Boser

Leather needs to go. Serious question, who likes leather? Tell me honestly, who genuinely likes to put on too tight, too small, and frankly too sticky pants or jackets? I don’t get it. This is a serious issue and concerns all. The impossibility of moving around in leather pants is outrageous, forget walking up to the fourth floor. Next, let’s discuss the down right trashiness of the “look.” I mean, they’re black and look like plastic, resembling trash itself. The same goes for all the leather jacket people out there. Why are you wearing trash bags that don’t fit? Let’s have some class here people!

Lace tights are where it’s at

By: Maya Roskes

Lace tights are simply gorgeous. With a beautiful, simple pattern that elevates so many outfits, they are an option that we should all gravitate towards. Make them fancy with a nice dress or make it casual with a denim skirt, or even shorts. There are countless options at Target and on Amazon, each with different intricate patterns, coverage, and colors. Now that spring is coming, it will be warm enough to showcase these lace tights around Jackson-Reed. I definitely hope to see more of them!