Principal selection process underway

Liam de Luce, Junior Editor

As the school year comes to a close so does the search for a new principal at Jackson-Reed. The selection has been narrowed down to three candidates and the final pick will be announced on June 15. 

The interview process began with a pool of applicants, according to Interim Principal Gregory Bargeman. “From there, DCPS selects three possible candidates that they think will be the best fit,” he said.

 These three candidates met with a panel at Jackson-Reed last Thursday. The interview panel will be made up of parents from the PTSO and the LSAT. In addition, the student government and teachers from the Washington Teacher’s Union will take part in the process as well. The panel made recommendations that will be sent to Chancellor Ferebee for final approval. 

The pursuit of a new replacement began after the departure of former principal Kimberly Martin who served for six years. She is now the Instructional Superintendent at DCPS for Cluster VIII, a group of 11 schools including Jackson-Reed. For the 2021-22 school year Bargeman has served as the interim principal.

According to the administration, there is no word yet from DCPS on who those candidates are, and members of the panel won’t know until 24 hours in advance of the interview. 

Bargeman will be an assistant principal next school year, as this year’s budget added an additional assistant principal position. •