Q&A with Sah Brown

Hadley Carr, Editor-in-Chief

Q: What are you most excited about at Jackson-Reed?

A: I’m most excited about getting to know the students at Jackson-Reed and working with such a large group of young people. I’ve always been intrigued by the students’ talent and interests in the schools I’ve worked.


Q: What do you think you bring to the Jackson-Reed community?

A: I believe I bring experience, collaborative leadership, and a desire to see obstacles as opportunities to the Jackson-Reed community. 


Q: How do you plan to build school culture at Jackson-Reed?

A: I plan to create a culture of excellence by focusing on:

  1. Communication between myself, the staff, students, parents, and the broader school community. 
  2. Collaboration with administrators and teachers about the school’s goals, expectations, and teaching methods. 
  3. Planning and implementing activities to celebrate our successes within and outside the classroom. In doing so, we will achieve clarity of purpose, expand opportunities for our students, and reach new heights as a collective school community.


Q: What successes have you had in the past that you plan to bring to Jackson-Reed?

A: My experience as a school leader has shown me that each school community is one of a kind, and Jackson-Reed is no different. While I have achieved many successes in the past, I anticipate unique challenges and opportunities will present at Jackson-Reed that will yield new and exciting accomplishments. That said, successful schools aren’t possible without dedicated faculty, staff members, and committed students. Therefore, I’d look to find ways to leverage the talent of Jackson-Reed to bring innovative educational opportunities to our students.


Q: How have you begun your transition as principal?

A: I am in the pre-entry phase of my transition as principal of Jackson-Reed.  During this time, I’m looking to learn as much as possible about Jackson-Reed by spending time in the building, reading information about the school, and holding informal meetings with faculty, staff, and students.  


Q: What is most important to you in your first year as principal?

A: The most important thing to me in my first year as principal will be establishing trust within our school. Once we reach a strong trust level, interactions, collaboration, and decisions flow better. 


Q: What are your long-term goals for Jackson-Reed?

A: Our long-term goals for Jackson-Reed will become more apparent after I engage with more students, faculty, staff, families, and community members. Engagement will allow for shared ideas and ownership throughout the school as we make Jackson-Reed the best possible school it can be.


Q: Is there anything you would like to say, as principal, to the student body?

A: As principal, I’d like to tell our student body I’m delighted to be their next principal. Having worked at Jackson-Reed HS as an assistant principal, I know how amazing the school is. I’m looking forward to meeting you and helping each of you reach your full academic potential. •