Sah Brown to be Jackson-Reed principal

Hadley Carr, Editor-in-Chief

Eastern High School Principal Sah Brown was selected as Jackson-Reed’s new principal for the upcoming 2022-23 school year. He will replace Interim Principal Gregory Bargeman who served as principal in the 2021-22 school year. Bargeman will return to his previous position as Vice Principal. 

“I am excited to take the helm as the new principal for Jackson-Reed High School!  I look forward to connecting with our students, staff, faculty, and families to learn more about our school community,” Brown said.

“I am confident that under Principal Brown’s leadership, Jackson-Reed will continue the development, excellence, and success of our scholars,” Instructional Superintendent and former Jackson-Reed Principal Kimberly Martin wrote in a letter to the Jackson-Reed community. Martin served as principal for six years before Bargeman acted as Interim principal. According to DCPS policy, candidates must follow a standard search and interview process to be considered for the role of principal, so any immediate replacements must be interim principals

Following a continued increase in the student body over the past decade, Brown will inherit issues of overcrowding at Jackson-Reed. With a capacity of 2,128 students, Jackson-Reed will continue to operate overcapacity in the 2022-23 school year. 

While most structural changes will be completed over the summer, Brown will also be responsible for finalizing the renovations due to the name change. 

Brown says he plans to build school culture through focusing on communication and collaboration within the Jackson-Reed community as well as allowing room for activities that allow the community to grow. 

Three candidates were evaluated before a panel comprised of students, staff, and parents from the PTSO and LSAT. The panel made recommendations which were then sent to DCPS Chancellor Dr. Lewis Ferebee. 

Since 2016, Brown has served as the principal of Eastern High School. While at Eastern, Brown established the first NAF Academy of Health Sciences—a program brought to Jackson-Reed this year—expanded International Baccalaureate offerings, and increased feeder school engagement. Brown also increased the PARCC literacy scores by 7.5 percent in the 2018-2019 school year. 

Brown has worked in D.C. schools for over 15 years as a principal, special education coordinator, teacher, and assistant principal. In 2005, Brown began serving as a Special Education Teacher at Anacostia High School. After serving as a Special Education Teacher at Margaret Murray Washington High School in 2007, Brown became the Assistant Principal at Jackson-Reed High School (then-Woodrow Wilson). While there, Brown managed 27 teachers across three departments: Social Studies, World Languages, and Art. 

Brown then served as co-principal at Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools for Public Policy where he led the school out of “charter warning” status. This status indicated that the school was in danger of revocation based on data from the previous year. Cumulative progress of DC Charter schools such as Cesar Chavez is evaluated every five years and charter renewal is considered every 15. 

Following his time at Cesar Chavez, Brown served as the assistant principal of Hardy and Cardozo before serving as the Interim Principal of Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School in 2015. 

“Brown’s overall focus remains set on preparing students for college and careers by providing access to rigorous learning opportunities,” Martin continued in her letter.

“I am fully committed to continuing the work and ensuring that all JRHS students have a positive and successful high school experience,” Brown said. •