Fashion trends to expect in the summer heat

Colette Bernards, Contributor

Spring brought with it a plethora of style choices, like bright pinks and greens, along with florals. However, it’s almost summer, so it’s time to peek at fashion magazines and social media to get an idea of what’s hot this summer. 

According to Vogue, we’ll see short, sheer, and tight pieces. Versace embraced thigh slits, mid-drifts, chain mail, and latex. Vogue’s “The 10 Key Spring/Summer 2022 Trends To Know Now” article states that classic mini skirts will be joined by even shorter micro mini skirts. 

Exposed midriffs and bright colors–think yellows, pinks, greens, and purples–will also maintain their popularity. They will also gain a fresh addition, with stripes like classic mariner stripes, 1970s diagonals, and more, which were seen on the runway and are gaining in popularity. 

Psychedelic prints inspired by hippies and the return of 60s and 70s-inspired fashion will be widely seen. But clean cuts, tailored pieces, prep school-inspired aesthetics, and the Y2K style of the early 2000s will remain iconic. WHO WHAT WEAR’s article, “Spring/Summer 2022 Trends” adds that garments with puffed sleeves and skirts along with feathers are making waves. 

Platform shoes will remain popular as consumers have experienced the ease and elevation while wearing chunky, stompy, platform shoes throughout every season and in every style, so there’s no going back.

Simple items like basic tanks, tees, and dresses will be paired with statement pieces or spiced up with cutouts. Regencycore, a style inspired by clothes of high society during the Regency period (1811–1820), will be seen thanks to influence from Netflix’s Bridgerton, and the Gilded Age theme for the Met Gala. 

Students at Jackson Reed have their own predictions. Junior Paige Rockwood thinks that items like “big flowy dresses” will be popular. She likes “the idea of wearing big dresses all summer and not having to think about putting on shorts and a shirt.” 

Avery McDonald, also in 11th grade, thinks that “button-up shirts and aspects of the VSCO girl [style] like beaded chokers and high socks” will make a return. Popular in 2019, the VSCO style derived from the social media app VSCO and is known for baggy shirts, sweatshirts, Birkenstocks, puka shell necklaces, and scrunchies. 

When it comes to shoes, Junior Kalea Isaac believes that there is going to be a lot of Adidas sambas. “Harry Styles is wearing them on his tour right now and a lot of people are just bringing them back.”

Isaac also explained how she thinks “a lot of girls are gonna do the sorta coquette, like hyper-feminine [style].” Coquette, which describes a flirtatious woman, is also described as embodying all things that are feminine and dainty (think of romanticizing a vintage summer). 

So, will bright colors, platforms, miniskirts, psychedelic prints, Coquette, and Regencycore aesthetics make an appearance this summer? Only time will tell, but there’s no harm in taking inspiration from trends. Take that thread of inspiration and weave it into your own personal style. •