Spring Fling: Bop or Flop?

Charlie Reeves, Web Executive Editor

The Student Government Association in conjunction with the Jackson-Reed administration hosted the Spring Fling dance on May 20, from 7-11pm. The dance advertised fun games and a photo booth, alongside a multitude of food and drink options, but fell short of expectations.

The dance was held in the atrium, and tickets were either $10 or $15 for two people. However, the second showing of the school musical, “Les Mis”, was scheduled for the same Friday night. 

Whether it was the musical, the sports games scheduled the same night, or general apathy towards school dances, the attendance at the Spring Fling was extremely low for such a large school. Only around 200 students had shown up by 9:00pm, and many of them left after around twenty to thirty minutes. 

The dance, though it cloaked the atrium in fun decorations (like the large, lit up sign that said “fashion” and streamed popular dance music to attendees), was a bust. There was uneven grade distribution, as almost no seniors showed up. 

Firstly, the social scene was extremely awkward. Friends clustered together in clumps, and no one was dancing or using the red carpet set up to show off the dance outfits they had planned. 

Secondly, the food options were extremely limited. The catering was simply jerk chicken and rice that cost $10-15. Snacks were cheaper, but they were mostly chips and candy: nothing particularly special.

Freshman Brunie, who went to the dance with friends, said that there was one redeeming food choice. “They served chocolate strawberries that were actually really good.”

The activities offered to dance goers were also not exactly captivating. There were some pins and toys along with rings and necklaces for sale, but they were pretty expensive for teenagers at a high school dance. 

The photo booth was the last noteworthy attraction. Though the line was long, taking photos with friends is always a plus, and what’s a school dance without something to show for it? The photo booth was a fun addition to an otherwise mostly disappointing function.

Overall, the 2022 Spring Fling was neither a failure nor a success. A small group of students enjoyed some time there, staying until the end, but the majority left and spent their night elsewhere after finding themselves somewhat bored and underwhelmed. •