A Letter from Student Body President Manuela Bayón


Dear Wilson Students,

Wilson has had several good Student Government Association presidents and advisors in the past, but many projects were set up and never executed. This year we plan on following through with all of the events that we propose to the faculty and student body. Many think that SGA only exists to plan Spirit Week and dances throughout the year, but this will be my fourth year on SGA and I plan on leaving more than just a memory of an amazing homecoming.

While we have thought about how to make the school year fun and engaging, we also came up with ways to make sure that Wilson is successful academically. My goal as student body president is to try to get more seniors to graduate on time. I met with administrators and came up with the idea of having study halls with peer-to-peer tutoring/mentoring. I also plan on having more community service opportunities for everyone, especially seniors who need these hours to graduate.

This year we are also having second period representatives. We want better communication with the student body and the more help, the better. Each month these representatives will meet with the SGA to share any feedback from students.

We are planning for Tiger Radio to make a comeback, but with this only being the first week of school, the endeavor will take some time to get running. The school store will be open and active this year, though the days and times have yet to be decided.  We will be selling not only school spirit gear, but also school supplies.

One of our first activities is a contest to design the new Wilson t-shirts. If interested, get your new t-shirt design in by September 17th. More announcements will follow.

We believe that, with so many students online, it is more convenient for the student body to reach us on social media. The student government now has a twitter feed as well as an Instagram page and an email. To stay up to date with any more contests and activities being planned, follow us @wilsonsga and email us any concerns, ideas, and suggestions at [email protected]

It’s going to be a fantastic year, so get pumped, work hard, and get ready to have some major fun!


Manuela Bayón

As appeared in the August 30th issue of The Beacon