Meet the New Editors-In-Chief



Coming into Wilson as freshmen neither of us even knew what The Beacon was. Three years and 27 issues later, we’re fascinated by the ways The Beacon has developed and improved, and are proud to be able to carry on the tradition and grow even further.

Now that we are Co-Editors-in-Chief of the paper, we have high expectations for the Beacon, but our key priorities are simple: diversity, quality, and relevance. Although they are each distinct ideas, they are all very connected.

In the upcoming school year we want to make a big push to get a more diverse group of writers, which will also help us to fulfill our other two goals: quality and relevance. The Beacon will only be relevant to the student body, and consequently a quality paper, if it is an accurate representation of the student body’s voice and concerns,- and while we feel The Beacon is close to meeting this goal, getting a wider variety of backgrounds in the staff of our paper is the only way to fully meet it.

The Beacon will be a much more accessible organization this year. We will be holding meetings in our office (C-210) every single Tuesday during STEP (the exception being that next week’s meeting will be held on Wednesday). This way it is easier for anyone to become a part of the paper, not just people who are in with the editors. We will also be very open to anybody interested in working on the paper just approaching us in the halls. Just look for the guy in the sling or the handsome one, and strike up a conversation. We’re nice, we swear.

Whether it’s your first or last year, we encourage you to give The Beacon a shot. Write an article. Take a picture. Draw a graphic. Design our website. If you don’t like it, no one’s going to force you to continue. However, if you find that you enjoy any part of the journalism experience, The Wilson Beacon is glad to have you.

As appeared in the August 30th issue of The Beacon