Wilson Students Charged With Robbery




On Friday, November 7th, there was an incident involving a string of robberies during school hours at Wilson. These robberies, were committed by two Wilson students and targeted four students. The assailants stole jackets, cell phones, ear buds, and cash. A My Fox DC article reported that the robberies occurred in a shower, stairwell, and hallway, all on Wilson property.

The two teenagers that committed the crimes have been arrested and are being charged with robbery, force, and violence. Information about the identity and details of the students has not been released to the public at this time.


“The two teenagers that committed the crimes have been arrested”


One of the students involved in these robberies told a victim that he was just “playing” when he found out that the victim had no money. The Wilson administration and DC Metropolitan Police however, did not interpret the incident as a joking matter and are working to get to the bottom it.

When asked about these robberies, William Haith, the Wilson administrator handling this incident, declined to comment, as did other Wilson administrators and security guards. Principal Cahall is out of the office and was unable to be reached before the publication of this article. Cahall did send out an email Tuesday night notifying the Wilson community about the robberies. However the email was fairly ambiguous, alarming many members of the community.

Continue to check back here for further developments in the story and more details regarding the robberies.