Principal Cahall Resigns from Wilson Effective Immediately


cahall (1)


Principal Cahall of Woodrow Wilson High School has resigned, effective immediately. According to a letter sent from Chancellor Kaya Henderson on December 23 to the Wilson Senior High School Community, Wilson’s “Assistant Principal Gregory Bargeman will lead Wilson for the remainder of the year as Interim Principal.” Although Chancellor Henderson’s letter does not give a specific reason why this decision was made, she does state that they are working to find a new principal that will “help Wilson reach new heights.”

In an interview on Friday, on the subject of future career options, Cahall said, “I’ve already received two or three offers but they want to me to start in January. I told them I couldn’t do that, I couldn’t walk out on the school. I needed to finish the school year.”

The Beacon posted a story with that and more information about the possible reasons for his termination at 10:24 this morning, and at 5:12 Chancellor Henderson posted an email announcing his final resignation.