DCPS Makes Cuts to Wilson’s Budget for 2015-2016 School Year



Interim Principal Gregory Bargeman wrote in a Sunday email that he was “dismayed” when he received the new budget for the 2015-2016 school year at Wilson, and saw massive cuts, contradicting what DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson wrote in a Thursday letter, that the school system’s budget would in fact be increased. Henderson wrote that the entire budget for DCPS would increase by 3.4 percent, while other DC government departments would be taking budget cuts. Although Henderson wrote that some cuts would be made to the Central Office, cuts to specific schools were not mentioned.

However, according to a letter Bargeman sent out to teachers earlier today, the per-pupil allocation is being cut $970, resulting in a $1.8 million slash to Wilson’s budget.

This will result in reduced club sport funding, larger class sizes, and “fewer administrators monitoring the building.”

This money is being allocated to three main places: at the high school level, increasing the amount of elective classes such as “choir, debate, and African-American Literature, and SAT Prep;” at a department level, with the new Empowering Males of Color initiative that focuses on giving help to black and Latino males in the DCPS system; and on the teacher level, with more lessons planned for teachers on how to be more effective in school.

“Budget cuts, I mean that’s understandable,” sophomore Rina Holzeman Castellands said about the new budget, “but if the first thing to go is the music department or arts department, then that’s just stupid. That would just show that they care about one group of students more than everyone at Wilson.