Student Government Association Candidate Statements



The candidates for the 2015-2016 Student Government Association sent in statements on what they hope to accomplish if elected and why Wilson students should vote for them. Not all candidates were able to send in statements, but they are listed underneath their corresponding category. Wilson students will vote for the new SGA members in their second period class on Friday, May 22.


Student Body President Candidates

Zoe Mills: “If I’m elected Student Body President of Wilson for the 2015-2016 school year, I would like to establish some student services first and foremost. Such services would include a free, efficient student tutoring service, and a specific SGA email where students can ask questions, voice their concerns, and hopefully make suggestions as to how we can help better their high school experiences. Some areas that students are already begging for improvement in and that I look forward to reforming are school dances, pep rallies, and the current tardy policy. Obviously there is much more that can be done, and I look forward to working with the members of the student body to get as much done in the next school year as possible; this is not a job that was meant to be done by one person alone, but rather Wilson as a whole.”

Nakfana Giday is also running for Student Body President.


12th Grade Candidates

Monet Jones, running for President: “I am involved in various activities in Wilson and in my community, I know all the issues we face. Although some may say I’ll just be a sock puppet, I really do plan on making progress in Wilson. Most of you have known me since middle school, had me in one of your classes or just seen me in the halls. I do nothing but strive for success and, if I am elected as senior class president I will make sure all of my fellow peers rise with success as well!”

Kyah King, running for Treasurer: “My name is Kyah King. If elected as your class of 2016 treasurer, two of the main things that i hope to accomplish are: 1) to make sure we have adequate funding for school activities such as dances, prom, and our senior class trip; and 2) to lower the cost of the senior activities without reducing the quality. I believe I will be a great candidate because I have prior experience with managing money and organizing events. Last and most important, I am trustworthy, accountable and under me all financial transactions will be transparent to the students. Thank you in advance for your vote!”

Elijah Scott, running for Treasurer: “My name is Elijah Scott and I am running for senior class Treasurer. The reason why I am running is because I want next school year to be very successful. I will work my hardest with the President, VP, and Secretary to make next year go as smoothly as possible. I will try to get more than just pizza sold after school, and make the cost of school events more affordable. You guys should vote for me because I’m the best candidate. I have more experience than the other candidates because I was class treasurer my freshman year and I know what I can and can’t do for our upcoming senior class. Just remember, a vote for me will make your senior year a memorable year.”

Chris Thompson, running for Treasurer:  “I wanted to let all of you know that I am the person you want in SGA as your class treasurer. You can leave all of the other discussions about who to pick in the other positions. With all jokes aside, I am your best candidate not only because I am the most qualified but because I am also the most passionate about this position. In other words, I want this spot in SGA. I need this spot in SGA. I do not want to be the treasurer for popularity or to just have the title, but to actually serve you, 2016, and the rest of Wilson the best way I know how. By working with my fellow SGA members and administrators to lower the cost of certain school expenses like prom tickets and the cost of tickets to our dances. I also plan to work with my fellow SGA members and you all to help you on your own businesses and profits.”

Andrea Merino, running for Secretary: “During my years at Wilson, I have noticed that students are filled with issues and concerns that, generally, have been ignored. This only emphasizes the amount of improvements Wilson should make. If I were to be elected Secretary, I will be sure to collaborate with other members of SGA to facilitate a better understanding between the faculty and students at Wilson.”

Bianca Ifill and Christina Haile are also running for 12th grade President. Zavier Northrup and Bry’ere Freeman are also running for Vice President. Maude LaVaute is also running for Secretary.


11th Grade Candidates

Mati Cano, running for President: “If I am elected as 11th grade president I will try my hardest to help break racial barriers between students in our school. I believe self segregation is the biggest problem we have here at Wilson and as president I will work as hard as I can to bring the student body together.”11th Grade Candidates

Kennedy Gulatte, running for Vice President: “If elected again, I will make sure Cahall’s legacy will carry on. I’m here for the people and if anyone has suggestions or complaints, let me know!”

My Vu is also running for Vice President and Chad Hayes is running for Treasurer.


10th Grade Candidates

Ben Korn, running for President: “A good candidate for Sophomore President is committed, qualified, and a true Wilson Tiger. I believe I fit that bill. I have been involved in Student Government since my first day as a Wilson Student. As Freshmen President I have always strived to keep the interests of my fellow students in mind when helping to make decisions and I will continue to do this as Sophomore President. Vote Ben Korn for Sophomore President!”

Grace Mills is running for Vice President and Sam Himmelfarb is running for Treasurer.