Wilson welcomes a new teacher to AP biology


Rose Kelleher

Up until this school year there has only been one AP biology teacher, Jessie Poole, who was forced to accommodate over 60 students taking the class. Poole has been teaching AP biology since her second year at Wilson, making this her third year teaching the course. This year Dani Moore was hired to teach another section of the course.

Poole says the main reason there are now two AP biology teachers is because of how popular the course is. “We had so many people sign up for it, so as far as class sizes, it hasn’t really changed.”  The addition of Moore has lessened the load.

Moore takes a collaborative approach to teaching and is excited to work with Poole. “She’s a really great teacher,” Moore said of Poole. “She’s been teaching [AP biology] for three years, she has a treasure trove of materials, so I confer with her a lot.”

Poole is also enjoying having someone to work with. “I have somebody to plan with, and someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to share resources with,” she said.

As for the course itself, Moore said, “The grading is insane, but it’s also really rewarding to teach.”

Both teachers also mentioned their “war” on Instagram and requested shoutouts for their accounts, @mspoolebiology and @drmoorescience, so go follow!


CORRECTION: The first name of Dani Moore was incorrect in earlier versions of this article. Her correct first name is Dani.