Wilson volleyball takes second in DCSAA after successful season


Ethan Leifman

Wilson’s volleyball team wrapped up an incredible season on Friday, coming in second place in all of DC after a loss to St. John’s in the DCSAA Championship. With a 34-3 season record, the team demolished their competition in the DCIAA tournament. In addition to their unprecedented run in the DCSAA Championships. Abbi Greenwood, a sophomore on the team, thinks the team had a great season. “We went all the way to state finals for the first time, making us the only DCPS team to have ever gone that far.” says Greenwood, adding that she incredibly proud of the team. Greenwood hopes to go undefeated next year and win the state championships, a feat that may be difficult to accomplish, as St. John’s has won the title every single year. Defensive specialist Chiara Purificato, a freshman on the team, has similar aspirations. She thinks the team can improve by continuing to work together as a team, encouraging each other to do their best and staying focused at all times. Greenwood agrees, adding that the team can work on “reading the hitter’s hand and communicating on the court.” She also thinks that the team’s serving skills must improve next year to fulfill their potential and reach their high goals.