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Margot Durfee


Margot is a junior who LOVES food. She is currently a junior editor who has been writing about food since she started at The Beacon during the end of her freshman year. Her articles often lack food photos because she gets too excited and eats everything before she can take one (she’s working on it...

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Buredo: Sushi and burritos wrapped into one

Buredo: Sushi and burritos wrapped into one

Margot Durfee
March 13, 2018
Filed under Style

Are you tired of eating at the same few restaurants in Tenleytown? Buredo, a local restaurant chain specializing in burrito-sized sushi rolls, is guaranteed to bring excitement to your meal. I had been eyeing the restaurant ever since its opening in Tenleytown early this year, nestled in-between the Cava...

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