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Intruders vandalize, steal from Wilson during building’s closure

Anna Arnsberger

June 23, 2020

Unknown suspects broke into the Wilson building three times while it has been closed. The break-ins each occurred between June 2 and June 7, when nobody was present in the school.  The Metropolitan Police Department has been ...

Mental health PSAs offer acting opportunities to students

Sadie Wyatt

September 8, 2019

Last fall, Wilson students were presented with an opportunity like no other: to star in a Public Service Announcement (PSA) that would be aired nationwide. It came to Wilson through Karen Harris, the current theatre director at...

Athletic obsession squanders students’ academic potential

Elie Salem, News Editor

December 17, 2018

Hard, fist-sized balls, seemingly unbattable, rain down from the sky to wreck homes and destroy lawn ornaments. Plastic pucks, seemingly unwhackable, slide across the frozen tundra to injure pedestrians and trip polar bears. Frisbees,...

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