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Students get the paper for free at school, usually the last Friday of the month. The Beacon offers online subscriptions to parents, family, and friends who can’t count on their student to bring it home. A subscription means guaranteed delivery of the paper to your email inbox on the day the paper comes out. You will receive the same PDF that the staff sends to the printer, so your “paper” will include every photograph, story, and design element the students receive. But you don’t have to come to school to get it.

Beacon subscriptions are provided a donation basis, which helps pay for printing and equipment costs. The school does not contribute, although the PTSO does. The suggested donation is $30, but your contribution in any amount is greatly appreciated.

We recommend using our PayPal feature to purchase a subscription. Simply click the link below to be directed to the Beacon’s own Pay Pal page. You can sign up multiple emails for each donation, simply click the “Additional Email:” drop down and paste in any secondary emails.
If you would prefer to pay by check, please make it out to the Wilson PTSO. Include an email address which you would like to have the Beacon sent to.The Beacon c/o

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