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College Board should add winter exam dates

College Board should add winter exam dates

Liam De Luce November 10, 2021

I am taking two Advanced Placement classes this semester that will wrap up in January, but I won’t be able to take the AP tests until May. Somehow, I am supposed to retain everything I learned from four...

Canvas 11:59 due date extends school day

Mailey Rash and Emma Ludgin November 7, 2021

The transition to virtual school required DCPS to find new ways for students to learn and receive an education. This prompted the introduction of Canvas: a course management platform that allows students...

This Hour: stop questioning Black students considering HBCUs

Nacala Williams and Jamiliah Springer November 7, 2021

College applications are on the minds of most seniors and many are considering Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). As a Black student who wants to go to an HBCU, it is exhausting when...

Response to school fights should involve student input

Beacon Staff November 7, 2021

Last week, administrators went class to class to deliver a slideshow on “recentering Wilson,” addressing the recent increase in fights and new hall sweep and security policies. While administrators...

The growth mindset is veiled toxic positivity

The growth mindset is veiled toxic positivity

Sophie Reeves November 7, 2021

The narrative that a growth mindset is the only valuable and productive perspective is one that is helpful and reassuring for some people, but harmful and forced for others. A prominent feature of my...

Group work is a beneficial tool for learning

Julia Weinrod November 7, 2021

We’re two months into school and classes have already assigned tests and loads of homework, all while missing a school staple: group projects. Group work should be brought back in full force; not only...

Give seniors a home during free periods

Lolera Tesema November 6, 2021

It's unfair to have to choose between two alternatives when you don't like either. This is the exact predicament seniors with have free periods are in: go off campus, or face the school library. Instead,...

No cap: only 800 students allowed to attend homecoming is unfair

No cap: only 800 students allowed to attend homecoming is unfair

Benjamin Chait October 16, 2021

One day before the homecoming dance, Wilson students were surprised with a last-minute cap on the number of students permitted to purchase homecoming tickets. Rather than implementing the cap a day before...

Let’s leave digital work in the past

Madeline Motes October 14, 2021

Having been online all year with virtual school, and with technology being a huge part of many teen’s lives outside of school, it’s wonderful that we’ve had the opportunity to go back to school in...

Digital classwork should be here to stay

Digital classwork should be here to stay

Lillian Gallant and Lily Mages October 6, 2021

PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN… and look at your computer! As of this year, DCPS has created a 1 to 1 policy providing all students a computer to use for school. We are here to tell you why the new paperless procedure...

Community service requirement should be cut down due to COVID barrier

Ava Serafino October 4, 2021

An important requirement to graduate from Wilson is 100 community service hours. While community service is an important part of the high school experience, COVID-19 creates an entirely new barrier to...

Students should support school spirit

Beacon Staff October 4, 2021

After a year and a half of isolation in distance learning, The Beacon thinks it is finally time to bring the student body together.  With two grades of new Tigers and homecoming around the corner,...

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