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The Student News Site of Woodrow Wilson Senior High School

The Wilson Beacon

The Student News Site of Woodrow Wilson Senior High School

The Wilson Beacon

The overturning of Roe v. Wade goes against basic human rights

Deirdre de Leeuw den Bouter, Managing Editor June 27, 2022

I believe reproductive rights are human rights. Clearly, this is not an opinion held by the Supreme Court of the United States.  On May 2, 2022, a draft opinion was leaked to the press in which the...

No matter how disruptive, student walkouts are a core component of youth activism

Newt Zoido Tortella and Isaac Simon June 27, 2022

If you’re a Beacon reader, you probably saw the op-ed published in last month’s edition that claimed all walkouts (including the one for queer and trans rights held here at Jackson-Reed) are performative...

Meet Lisa Gore: the DC Council at-large candidate with everyone’s interests at heart

Karam Weigert, Contributor June 27, 2022

A special agent. A public servant. A Jackson-Reed mom. Lisa Gore is running for DC Council At-Large in order to ensure justice for all Washingtonians. Endorsed by the DC National Organization for Women...

It’s time to be angry: our apathy with gun violence must end

Kavita O'Malley, Opinions Editor June 27, 2022

   America is a country full of contradictions and those contradictions are costing lives. If I had to use one word to describe America it would be hypocrisy. Every day, Americans open their phones...

Acts of hatred continue at Jackson-Reed

Chris Velasquez, Contributor June 27, 2022

It's sad to see that there is a clear double-standard in the way that we as a community face hate speech at our school. Unfortunately, the recent confrontation between a student and teacher both using...

Robert White is the change DC needs

Ollie Braden, Director of Visuals June 27, 2022

The US political system disenfranchises the District of Columbia to a remarkable extent. We don’t have senators or statehood. But what we do have is the ability to participate in local elections to work...

It’s time to make our community work for us

The Beacon Staff June 27, 2022

Jackson-Reed is falling apart. Teachers are burned out and students aren’t learning, leaving many feeling as though showing up to school just isn’t worth it. Even though we are quickly approaching...

Jackson-Reed staff should go through security, too

Kate Bukowski, Contributor June 27, 2022

  Every morning, students at Jackson-Reed are required to go through metal detectors while teachers walk in with as many bags, folders, and drinks as they like. This lack of extra security can...

Community service hours are a vital high school learning experience

Rebecca Khoury and Kavita O'Malley June 25, 2022

  This year, the administration once again waived the 100 hour community service requirement for Jackson-Reed’s senior class. Although we all know the complications of living in quarantine and...

Hasty changes to educational experience come at high cost

The Beacon Staff May 26, 2022

For both students and teachers, the last few years have been marred by abrupt changes to our educational experience facilitated by DCPS, which have continued to impede the creation of a cohesive and reliable...

A post mortem on AP World History

A post mortem on AP World History

Radha Tanner, Contributor May 26, 2022

At the beginning of my sophomore year, Jackson-Reed stopped offering AP World History for all students. Rising sophomores who wanted to take the class expressed concern, but administration stuck with their...

Affirmative action is vital for equity in education

Nacala Williams, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator May 26, 2022

  The Supreme Court will revisit affirmative action in college admissions at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. With liberal Justices being outnumbered 6-3,...

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