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100 Word Appreciations

Leah Carrier, Madison Dias, Sophia Hosford, and Ellen Carrier

July 2, 2020

Friendship is underrated Written by Leah Carrier My best friend is an outgoing, smiley, life-of-the-party type of girl. She has this heartfelt, honest laugh that I could recognize anywhere. She’s super strong and resilient and ice skates like a pro—she’s on Team USA, not to flex or anything....

Shirah and Sarah’s guide to starting the summer right!

Graphic by Sarah Morgan

Shirah Lister and Sarah Morgan

July 1, 2020

I bet you guys were all thinking, ‘Sharah? I thought they stopped writing their hilarious satire pieces.’ Well, guess what? We would never stop writing satires. Partly because we love writing them and partly because we will be kicked off the Beacon if we stop. LOL! Anyways, for those whose perception...


Sophia Ibrahim and Ellen Carrier

June 28, 2020

There’s no one way for a Black person to speak Written by Sophia Ibrahim A comment some Black people might get—especially if they grew up/live in a non-predominantly Black neighborhood—is that they don’t “speak Black.” While that comment in and of itself is insulting, the common retort is e...

Protests are necessary for change—respect them

Keyla Sejas

June 25, 2020

As Generation Z, everything we fight for will lay down crucial foundations for the future. With protests sparking up in our city in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, DC’s youth have been expressing a call for political action—and on a greater scale, basic human rights. Dissenters are demanding...

So… I got fired. Here’s what I learned from it.

Graphic by Anna Arnsberger

Sophia Ibrahim

June 25, 2020

High school is the time when many teenagers get jobs, whether they’re in the summer or during the school year. I’ve been working for two summers now, and I recently got a new job in addition to the one I had last summer. I also recently got fired from the aforementioned new job. A week in. I’m not t...

Quarantine: the life reset we needed

Graphic by Sarah Morgan

Benjy Chait

June 24, 2020

Obviously, no one likes quarantine. We’re stuck inside, doing online learning and staring into the eternal abyss that is the internet. Covid-19 is going to be one of the defining traits of our generation. Disregard the ‘canceled mentality’ about these next few months, we need to use this time as a c...

Keeping relationships is important in quarantine

Graphic by Sarah Morgan

Keyla Sejas and Bryanna Portillo

June 24, 2020

As boredom and loneliness become a common feeling within most, technological innovations have come to save the day and our relationships. We’re currently facing a horrid reality with COVID-19, a worldwide struggle that has enforced many countries to have set stay at home orders. Although this solu...

Yes, you have to vote for Joe Biden

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Aaron Gorman

June 22, 2020

Between his massive delegate lead, every major Democrat endorsing his campaign, and all other candidates dropping out, it's become increasingly clear that Joe Biden will be the Democratic presidential nominee. This comes as a disappointment to many liberals, including myself, who hoped that a progre...

Another potential casualty of the coronavirus: our movie theaters

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Alex Holmes

June 22, 2020

In the age of the novel coronavirus, which has wreaked havoc upon the economy, forced companies to lay off or furlough millions of employees, and killed hundreds of thousands, the closure of the world’s movie theaters might not seem too important. And for the vast majority of people across the globe, it...

It’s okay to take a media break

Graphic by Shirah Lister

Leah Carrier

May 24, 2020

When my parents gave me a phone in 6th grade, they said I was only allowed to use it to text, call and read. So I did just that. ‘News’ became my most used app–which wasn’t a problem until I found myself sitting on my couch, staring down in horror at an unnecessarily graphic photo in an article abo...

Not a good choice, but the right one

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Jack Barlett

May 24, 2020

With Bernie Sanders having dropped out of the race, we can now definitively congratulate Joe Biden on becoming the Democratic Party nominee for 2020. But with his troubling ideals and controversial actions, can he still be trusted to be better than Trump? To answer these questions, let’s start wit...

Trump could’ve prevented this

Graphic by Sarah Morgan

Aaron Gorman

May 24, 2020

As of writing this, more than one million people across the U.S have been infected with Coronavirus and over 80,000 have died, including at least 6,300 infections and 328 deaths in DC. This disease has caught the U.S completely off guard, and, despite his attempts to blame China or the WHO or Obama, it...

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