Seniors reflect on Wilson memories through music


Courtesy of Ruby Mason

Annette Leber and Ruby Mason

With the end of the year just around the corner, most of the school is busy preparing for finals, but seniors have another thing on their minds. On June 15, graduation day, the class of 2019 will be saying goodbye. Some members of the senior class talked about their favorite songs and how they represent their experiences at Wilson, which has been their home for the past four years and holds a lot of memories.

Kate Lenegan’s favorite song is “Last Wave” by They Might Be Giants, which talks about how people feel alone in life, yet the song has a positive and motivating tone. She explained that it relates to her life at Wilson because “we have support all around us. I really love my friends and I think the teachers try their best to support us. But at the end, you have to take care of your grades; that is what I’ve learned most from being at Wilson. You can’t expect the teachers and your classmates to do everything for you… you’re in control of your own happiness and your own success.”

Spencer Rinebolt’s favorite song is from Logic’s “The Incredible True Story” album, “City of Stars”, which talks about how we as people are free to be whoever we want. He relates this song to his time at Wilson because “at Wilson there are a ton of teachers and administrators that have really tried to help people that don’t know what they want to do or are still thinking about it and they’ve been really helpful in trying to put people towards career paths. A lot of teachers are trying to help students figure out what they want to do with their life no matter who they are. Everyone can strive to be what they want.”

Suzanna Strauss really connects with the song “Happy and Sad” by Kacey Musgraves because it represents her time at Wilson and how she is “both happy and sad to leave. Wilson is a mess and so goofy, but I love so many teachers and people here so much. I will miss it, but am ready to move on!”

Luca Tucci likes the song “Goodbye Love” from Rent because “it reminds me of the fall musical and all the great friends I made during it. I have many great memories from Wilson and will be sad to be leaving the school along with the people. “

One of Jaelen White’s favorite songs is “You’ve Got The Love” by Florence and the Machine because “it reminds me of all of the times my friends have been there for me and how we always support each other.”