From fresh produce to vintage jackets, DC’s outdoor markets have it all

Sarah Panetta

Nothing beats the charm of a local market during the holiday season. This past weekend, I spent my early mornings driving around the district and passing through different farmers and flea markets, analyzing the items being sold and overall ambience so I could recommend the best ones. 

Columbia Heights Farmers Market

The Columbia Heights market is the epitome of diversity when it comes to the food they sell. From colorful squashes to organic beef, everything they have is the freshest you’ll find in DC. With plant-based sausages and multiple gluten free options, you’ll be able to find something there no matter your dietary restrictions. Some vendors that stood out included Honey Hemp Farms, a woman-owned business that specializes in teas and honeys infused with medicinal CBD, and Sabor Del Taco, which sells authentic Mexican food like tacos, tamales, and more. It is clear that the vendors at this market have a clear connection with the community and care deeply about providing healthy, tasty food. 

Cleveland Park Farmers Market

Located on Connecticut Avenue, this market has a variety of fresh and sustainably grown fruits and vegetables. You can find products such as raw honey, broccoli, peppers, pears, turmeric, and even some mid morning special treats such as tasty pastries and coffee. The delicious smell of fresh fruits and vegetables pleasantly lingered in the air as I walked around. The Cleveland Park Market, yet small and quaint, is still a market I recommend going to because it’s local and has everything you need. 

Georgetown Flea Market

The Georgetown market sells not only clothing items that are to die for, but also a variety of accessories, books, paintings, furniture and records. The 70s and 80s background music definitely gives the market a sense of community and life, but the best part is its clothing department. They sell vintage, high quality trendy pieces: from jackets, tank tops, baggy pants, lingerie dresses, and must-have kicks! At this flea market, you could spend anywhere from $15 to $200. 

Eastern Market

With everything from fresh veggies to live music to knitted scarves, Eastern Market really is one you can’t miss. Similarly to the Georgetown Flea Market, this market offers a variety of clothing options. From activist RBG T-shirts to colorful hippie items, it gives DC locals an opportunity to break down fashion barriers and try new things. Now that the weather has us chattering our teeth, it gives us an excuse to spend $70 on a super cute faux fur coat….which Eastern Market has plenty of. For those into spirituality, the market also has vendors selling crystals in many forms like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and even in their original rock form. If you’re looking for a unique gift this holiday season, this is the place to go.